Rainbow Bridge Pet Keepsake with Rose Quartz

Rainbow Bridge Pet Keepsake with Rose Quartz


Our pets are a big part of our family and become loyal trusted friends, never expecting anything in return; they will always be part of a loving memory when the time comes for them to pass over to Rainbow Bridge. I have designed Rainbow Bridge Pet Keepsakes for various pet rescues and for dear friends who have lost their loyal companion.  Now, I am able to share my designs with you to purchase on my website.  My Pet Keepsakes are handcrafted and each crystal is hand pieced.  A "Forget-me-not" head piece is placed on the Pet Angel, along with a silver plated wing charm.  This pet angel is graced with rose quartz wings, along with quartz crystal accent pieces. The Pet Angel is also gift boxed with the designer's inspired poem. A forget-me-not is also placed in the gift box.  A Pet Angel light catcher keepsake can be placed in a nearby window and will forever hold the loving memories that were once shared together for a lifetime.

Measures 4 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide

Comes gift boxed with Rainbow Bridge Pet Poem

Quartz display is not included

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Rainbow Bridge Pet Keepsake and Ornament with Rose Quartz Crystal Wings