Here are some of my emails and cards I received from my customers in how they reacted to my designs. I always like to hear from my customers in how they like my work. You can leave feedback on my Contact Form above. Thank you for your support in making my new business a success.

Name: Jeanette Belz

Response from Purchased Handcrafted Custom Gifts:


Thank you so much for thinking about Claire and I on our wedding day! We greatly appreciate the thoughtful gifts from Earth Wish Angels! They were absolutely beautiful! I plan to place all the items in a shadowbox now, and frame the poem, “A Mother’s Words from Heaven.” What an amazing and very thoughtful gift. It really meant a lot to me; I kept my mother close during our wedding day. Claire and I hope you are both well. Thank you for making our day so special!


Tyler and Claire


Dear Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Bob,

We are so happy you were there to celebrate our wedding day. It was a wonderful day and the the best of our lives. The bouquet Angel was so beautiful and thoughtful. I will cherish it forever. Thanks, again!


Julie and Shane

Loss of a Loved One:

Dear Jeanette,

Thank you for the thoughtful gift, the Angel brought tears to my eyes since I know in my heart that Gary us still with me and is my guardian angel.

I placed the shell crystal angel by my memory box of home by Gary-it gives me a lot of comfort.

Thank you for for your thoughtfulness; it will never be forgotten.


Name: Chris Talucci

Subject: Gift:

My small Angels sit on my desk. my handcrafted pendant took my breath away; what a wonderful surprised when I unpacked my bag from my trip.

Name: Dorothy Zolnosky from Doylestown, PA

Email Address: zzzdorothy13@yahoo.com

Subject: Necklace Testimonial

Date: January 4, 2019

Message: A dear friend gave me this beautiful necklace for my birthday.  It was given with much love and Carole created it with much love. I can feel that energy every time I wear it.  Thank you for making this gorgeous necklace, I Love It!

Name: Karen Steinbrecher

Email Address: karensteinbrecher@msn.com

Subject: Testimonial

Message: Absolutely and completely do I love the bracelets, Angels for my car and also hanging from my indoor plants, as well as the Garden stake Angel. Carole's "Angels" are treasured works of art with a spiritual vibration. Sit in a quiet place, listen to some uplifting music, and you can feel the vibrations from her exquisite Angels. Carole puts her heart into her Angels and creations. Owning one or more of her Angels is a special gift of beauty infused with loving Blessings. I was fortunate to be able to visit her beautiful studio in the Quakertown area, and I had to sit quietly because I wanted to feel and absorb all the beauty and loving spirit around me. When I wear her jewelry I feel blessed. I am grateful to own some of Carole's Angels and to have met such a beautiful person such as Carole.

Date: 5/31/2018

First met Carole Earth Wish Angels with a gift I was given over a year ago. Then had the pleasure of meeting Carole in person about four months ago. I spent an afternoon in her beautiful studio in Quakertown with my friend who introduced me to Earth Wish Angels. This is a wonderful experience and such beautiful work!! 
Earth Wish Angels are one of a kind creation. Each one is special and unique perfect for any occasion gift.

Christina Talucci



I have always appreciated the thought and time you put into your Angels. When I need a special gift, I know I can always depend on you for that unique treasure. I can see your heart and soul in each creation that you design.

Marie W.  Bucks County, PA


Kyle, a student from Moravian College, brought me the loveliest Angel as a thank you gift. Your workmanship is outstanding. I love Angels!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

LouAnn Vlahovic, Whitehall, PA


The custom designed Wedding Birdcage and Wedding Angel Keepsake are so beautiful and were perfect to display and use at our wedding.  I loved the fact that they coordinated with my wedding colors. The Keepsake will be a reminder of our love and commitment that we promised one another on our wedding day and will be treasured for many years to come.

Melissa and Josh Harding, Bucks County, PA


I love my beautiful Angel Keepsake Sun Catcher. There is so much detail and work involved in making her unique and personal.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anna Mae Coombs, Hinsdale, NH


I was amazed with the craftsmanship and detail when my Angel Crystal Keepsake arrived. The packaging was exquisite and original. The Keepsake came with a handwritten poem written by the artist for the celebrated occasion.  This special gift will be loved and treasured for many years to come.

Angela Dendler, Bloomsburg, PA


I love, love, love my new necklace. I like the idea that I can continue to add charm sticks for different occasions by just contacting you on your Contact Form. Your work is so creative and done with such love.  I have received many compliments from friends and loved ones. 

MaryLou Helg, Bucks County , PA


I received my beautiful and exquisite handcrafted Earth Wish Angel Crystal Keepsake in the mail today. The Angel was in a beautiful box and wrapped with tulle. This gift from my cousin made me feel very special.  It also included a poem handwritten by the artist. If you are looking for a handcrafted unique gift, I would highly recommend  Earth Wish Angels.

Anne Marie, Massapequa, NY


Gift Response:

I will treasure your gift always.  All the angels I ordered are beautiful. A special thank you for the gift of the one to me.

Mary K.  Buffalo, NY


Gift Response:

Thank you for the lovely night light.  It is beautifully done, and obviously it took a lot of time. I very much appreciate the kind thought, and I have the perfect place for it in a upstairs room. I like the earth colors and crystals.

Dr. John Bevington

Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA