Pretty in Purple Amethyst Angel Keepsake

Pretty in Purple Amethyst Angel Keepsake


This beautiful Earth Wish Angel has four top quality amethyst points for her wings.  Each crystal quartz accent chip is individually hand pieced to perfection.  Miniature handcrafted lilac and pink flowers adorn her headdress, along with the front of her scalloped shell.  Earth Wish Angels Light Catchers are hung in a window for all to enjoy the sunlit crystals.  According to the Earth Wish Angels Legend, the keepsake may bring forth love, happiness, and peace to all that abide there.

5.75 by 4.5 inches

Sample Gift box shown                                                              Affirmation and Amethyst Crystal Meanings   

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Amethyst Points grace this beautiful Earth Wish Angels design, along with handcrafted flowers.