Brazilian Quartz with Citrine Points Autumn "I am Blessed" Keepsake

Brazilian Quartz with Citrine Points Autumn "I am Blessed" Keepsake


Earth Wish Angels is proud to introduce our new line of all-occasion Keepsakes. This "I am Blessed" Keepsake is a perfect reminder to give gratitude about life and how fortunate we are. Uniquely designed with a beautiful Ireland scalloped shell, genuine Brazilian inclusion crystals, and four citrine points accent her wings. Swarovski crystals, and a multiple orange and yellow silk flower bouquet adorn the front of the shell. 

Earth Wish Angel Keepsakes are used as a window light keeper and also during a wedding ceremony, along with the sweetheart table at the wedding reception.

The Angel Keepsake is later hung in a window to show off its beautiful crystals. The “Earth Wish Angel Legend” promises love, communication, compromise, good fortune and a wish to the beholder that receives the keepsake.

Measures: 5.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide

Comes gift boxed; some samples shown

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Earth Wish Angels Brazilian Quartz and Citrine Points with Crystal Accents "I am Blessed Keepsake" is a perfect gift to display as a light catcher in your favorite window and on a tree during the holiday season.