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Earth Wish Angels Designer, Carole Froehlich, stands in front of her flower garden. 

Earth Wish Angels Designer, Carole Froehlich, stands in front of her flower garden. 

Earth Wish Angels are unique handcrafted designs made from Earth’s natural elements. Passionate about nature, my designs are made from an array of unique shells and crystals that have been lovingly collected. My shells are called Earth Wish Angels because of a beautiful story my father once told me as a young girl.  My father's story was actually an Italian legend about the Earth Wish Angels; they were known to be the Guardians of all Mother Earth’s natural elements, as well as the protector of the sea and all its living creatures.  Guiding the seashells (that were once a home for a living creature), through unforgivable seas, the Angel's wish was for the seashell to reach the shore safely and be found.  Hence, a blessing and a wish are granted to each seashell that returns to the shore from the Sea Angel.  When the the shell is found by an admirer, an Earth Wish Angel's blessing and wish are left inside.

Earth Wish Angels are available for a variety of wedding decor such as: wedding angel jewelry, angel table markers, personalized wedding cages, bride and groom angel keepsakes, along with wedding angel accessory charms for the bridal bouquet. Unique and personable Bride and Groom Keepsakes may be used at the wedding ceremony, as well as part of the sweetheart table at the wedding reception. When the newlyweds return from their honeymoon, the beautiful crystal Earth Wish Angel Keepsake is hung in a window as a light catcher to inspire the light and love of the new couple's union.  An Earth Wish Angel Keepsake is believed to deliver the promise of good fortune, love, communication, light, and protection as the couple begin their new life together.

Each piece may be custom ordered to match the wedding theme. Our wedding line ensures top quality crystals, handpicked semiprecious stones, and detailed excellence.

Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Earth Wish Angels' Studio welcomes shoppers to peruse handcrafted keepsakes, jewelry, and gifts by calling or making an appointment on my contact form located on the Homepage.  

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