Sodalite and Citrine Angel Night Light

Sodalite and Citrine Angel Night Light


Earth Wish Angels is proud to present this season's new line of designs; Earth Wish Angels Night-Lights! This beautiful Sodalite ad Citrine night light is sure to light up the night for a very special person in your life. Each Crystal Quartz chip is hand pieced to perfection and embellished with crushed crystal glass.  Off white miniature roses adorn her peacock hair and headdress.

Measures 5.5 inches high by 4 inches wide

Gift box (sample shown)

Includes Affirmation and Sodalite and Citrine Crystal Meanings

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Earth Wish Angels Sodalite Night Light is designed with sodalite wings, hand pieced citrine crystals, a handcrafted satin white rose headdress, and crushed crystal glass.  Inscription in back of scalloped Ireland shell can be written by messaging me through my contact form.