Crackled Crystal Quartz Precious Moments Night Light

Crackled Crystal Quartz Precious Moments Night Light


This beautiful Earth Wish Angel Night-Light Keepsake has top quality crackled quartz crystals for her wings with crystal quartz chip accents that are individually hand pieced on the front and back of her shell.  Miniature handcrafted salmon colored roses adorn her peacock hair and headdress.  Earth Wish Angels Nightlights light up the night showing off the beautiful crystals for all to enjoy. The night light can be detached to hang anywhere (from a window or wedding cage). According to the Earth Wish Angel Legend, the Earth Wish Angels Keepsake may bring forth love, happiness, peace, and blessings to all that abide together for many years to come.

Measures 5 inches tall by 5 inches wide


Includes Gift Box, Affirmation, Crystal Quartz Crystal Meaning (sample box shown) 


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Earth Wish Angels Precious Moments Nightlight Keepsake is adorned with crackled quartz wings and hand pieced crystal quartz accent chips.  Handcrafted salmon roses compliment her headdress.  What a baeautiful way to light up the night!